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House of Memories

Alexandria, Romania

completed 2015

Project awarded 1st prize at "Anuala de Arhitectura Bucuresti 2016"

There was a small existing house on the plot, almost disappearing in the middle of a fruit and vegetable garden. A paradise.

The garden was left as it was, only the house was replaced by a new one: One single floor, all rooms connected to the outside - a garden house. Or just a typical Romanian rural house, attached to its ground.

The existing house was a traditional „casa wagon“ – a linear narrow volume along the border of the plot.  The new design doubles up the old one: two narrow volumes house kitchen, sleeping rooms, office and lavatories.  Between them lies a central living space that opens with big windows to both the front and the back garden. It is a kind of space that is not known in Romanian traditional architecture: A garden room, a space for contemplation and leisure. Connecting inside and outside, but also traditional and modern life.

How can you build a solid and beautiful house, being limited to the catalogue of mainstream products and materials from the DIY-Store?

The use of colour, façade texturing and proportioning are employed to reinterpret traditional motives in a playful way. In this way the house establishes a connection to history and spirit of the site. It also awakes the clients’ memories of their own youth in idyllic rural places.

Casa nouă, fără etaj, începe pe locul celei vechi, dar se întinde pe aproape toată lățimea terenului, împartind curtea în două: grădina din față si livada din spate. 

Composition and chromatics of the street facade for typical wagon houses in Alexandria.

Urban morphology with narrow plots and one level houses building a quiet and harmonious street front.

The new building inserted in context.

House of Memories  -  Ground floor

House of Memories  -  Longitudinal section

House of Memories  -  Main facade

House of Memories  -  Cross section

The playful use of texture and colour in the nearby traditional houses.

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