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sept 2016            "House of Memories" published in and Zeppelin, Nr. 143, 2016
july  2016            "House of Memories" published in     
july  2016            "House of Memories" published in           
march 2015        "Two Houses in Leis" published in Espaces Contemporains, nr.1/2015
jan 2015              "Two Houses in Leis" published in Elle Decoration UK, nr.169/Jan 2015
oct 2014              "Two Houses in Leis" in Neue Zürcher Zeitung Interior Design NZZ Blogs
jan 2014              "Two Houses in Leis" cover story in Wohnrevue, nr.1/2014 
may 2011            Kronenwiese Housing published in Hochparterre Wettbewerbe 2/2011

"Two Houses in Leis" 

on the cover of Wohnrevue

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